Fly Fishing day

Well Patti and I headed out at lunchtime to the Thanakoie River it’s one of Patti’s favourite spots and she had not seen it this year. Too busy with guests coming and going. Have to say best day ever! To watch my wife drinking in the scenery, happy spin casting in the river while I was fly fishing. I am so glad we met, I am so glad she agreed to walk this journey with me, no it’s not always roses but hey I would never want to be with anyone but her and here’s why.

She gets more excited than me when I catch a fish, she is always up for an adventure and today was a grand slam. Patti broke a light tackle rod on a fish she hooked, that line was singing and Patti is fighting that fish happy as a lark, gets it to the boat and it drives right under, she lets it take line and brings it back around and the smile on her face makes my day. Then there it is by the boat again and wham straight down and bending that round in half, she is reaching for the drag and the rod snaps. Patti managed to boat her fish, and all I can think is that’s my girl and what she always says, I am in it to win it, and she did.

We get her rod sorted out boat back up the river and begin to just drift down. I am happily playing my fly line and we both see this monster hit my fly. My line goes crazy, it’s peeling and peeling and I am Patti get on that motor and back troll I am about to be spooled now. My trooper gets over the seat, under my arms, and into the drivers seat, hits the start button and into reverse, just in time. I am madly trying to get some line back and wondering where are you Mr fish and he breaks water in a spectacular show of tail dance right by the opposite shore. Hits the water and is driving full force toward the boat, I am reeling like mad and Patti has the boat back trolling away now. He skims by the front of the boat and my line is peeling out, out, out and I am here it goes, he heads up for another tail dance and right back at me. I am like get the net, she is trying to film this, and the scramble is on. She gets two good pictures of him sitting at the boat as she brings the net forward, bam the line snaps and he is gone. I am frustrated, irritated, and upset, Patti looks at me and says there is more, stop whining get it fixed, let’s get fishing, big boys just set the hammer down, are you in this to win this? Yup, that’s my wife sympathy, not a lot, doesn’t talk much in the boat, just loves to fish, then she smiles and hits the zinger, it’s okay I already have supper in the boat you can lose all you want today. Here’s the kicker guys, we had pasta for supper, we got busy cleaned the fish packed them up into the deep freezer. Sat down had a coffee then she began to laugh, no fish for supper it’s pasta night…lol.