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Explore Canada’s Far North: Unforgettable Adventures with Canadian Wildlife Adventures

Canadian Wildlife Adventures hosts an abundance of vacation opportunities for travelers that are looking for an experience that is off the beaten path.  Patti and Kevin McNeil are dedicated to working as stewards of the Northwest Territories natural lands that they share with their guests that make the trek to the NWT.  Providing a memorable outdoor adventure into Canada’s Far North is of the highest importance.  They are dedicated to leading guests on their journey to the NWT with integrity that is powered through hard work so their guests feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied knowing that Patti and Kevin McNeil ensure a quality NWT experience.

Ultimate NWT Adventure

Canadian Wildlife Adventures welcomes all travelers to join our NWT outdoor adventure company that are in search of action-packed NWT fishing, Aurora Borealis tours, wildlife viewing, World-Class hunting excursions, and canoeing adventures.  Your once in a lifetime journey begins on a float plane departing from Yellowknife, NWT.  The flight in to our location is simply incredible.  We are located South of the arctic circle where you will see the end of the tree line begins.  Along the way our guests will bask in the majesty of our pristine lakes that are teeming with lake trout.  These waters carry on with rivers and streams that are abundant with arctic grayling.  The tundra is home to a wealth of wild animals and riotous colors of plants and berries that can be viewed as far as the eye can see.  This is only the beginning; once the plane lands, you will deplane and continue your adventure into the Northwest Territories.

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The Sounds of Silence

Imagine a moment of no cars, no city sounds, no work.  Listen closely and what will you hear?  Absolutely nothing

Totally removed from all noise. When you REALLY want to get away from it all, you’re ready to come and see us…in a place so secluded the address is GPS coordinates!


Maximum Limit Fishing

Featuring Aylmer Lake Lodge
– Full 22 Minute Episode

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