My son Brenan and I booked a trip with Aylmer lake lodge in June 2020 for July 2021, but unfortunately when July 2021 came around there was a travel ban still in place for Canada. Kevin and Patti honored our booking until the following year for July 2022 at no extra cost. Our trip had a clear, precise itinerary from the start.
Patti and Kevin were awesome hosts, even prior to the trip taking place. Several of my coworkers and friends and family that had fishing hunting trips booked over Covid pandemic had nothing but headaches.
Aylmer Lake Lodge is one the remotest places in the world, but compared to other more famous resorts in the NWT, it has had zero fishing pressure. And because it IS so remote, there are no settlements competing for fish – it is literally untouched wilderness. The Lake trout fishing was unbelievable, way past my
expectations for me and my son. We both caught our personal best Lake trout on a fly rod. We caught literally dozens of lake trout in the 10-20 Lbs class, at least a dozen between 20-30 pound class, and 5 over 30 pounds in 4 days. Anyone who wants to fly fish for lake trout, this is a must trip. My arm was sore for a month afterwards.
The lodge is very comfortable with great vistas of the area. The food was excellent – my son still brags about Patti’s lake trout speciality recipes. Breakfasts were hardy and great before heading out for long day fishing. Kevin and Patti run a extremely remote lodge like a family lodge experience, like what I had as a kid in Northern Minnesota before corporations took over the resort business.
I highly recommend Aylmer Lake Lodge.
David Clendening Apple Valley MN