Canadian Wild Life Adventures – FISHING

Cast into the waters and find the fish
of your dreams – mammoth lake
trout or feisty arctic grayling jumping at your fly.

NWT Fishing

Fishing like you've NEVER Seen before

Cast into the waters and find the fish of your dreams – THIS is where you hit the JACKPOT – landing the big ones!

Moments like these are hard to come by. At Canadian Wildlife Adventures in the NWT (Northwest Territories), the record for lake trout is 67 pounds!

Heart-pounding action is just part of the day you’ll enjoy here. How about giant lake trout, steel-willed arctic grayling, home-cooking that’ll make your stomach go WOW, comfortable cabins, and guides who are knowledgeable and think like a fish! The entire team will help you create moments that will stand out in your memory for years to come!

Having heard many stories about the world-class fishing at Aylmer Lake in the NWT, I took the opportunity to explore and fish much of it in summer. I can tell you that everything you’ve heard is true! Much of this pristine lake has never previously been fished, and the clear waters are full of eager lake trout and Arctic grayling. Best of all, even in mid-summer the icy waters ensure that the lakers never go deep; you can find them in less than 20 feet of water all year round. If trophy-sized lake trout or grayling are on your “to-do” list, you owe it to yourself to visit Aylmer Lake. You won’t be disappointed. – Ken Bailey, Outdoor, Canada Magazine

It’s an ADVENTURE That'll bring a smile to your face!

Monsters of the deep. Lake trout with Arctic Char DNA from the ice age….

What you can expect

Now comes the part you REALLY want to hear…Yes, you CAN expect to boat 20-40 fish per day, with average weights from 15-30+ pounds. You can also expect to have opportunities to catch monster lake trout in the 30-60lb range. We have 7 sub-species of lake trout with differences in body colouration, head size, shape and fin colourations. These fish are spirited on the line, they roll like crazy in the net and you can expect to see bigger lake trout chasing your smaller lake trout on the line. There is no need for down riggers, as the fish are shallow.
We are a catch and release lodge, so that the DNA of these colossal lakers can be preserved for generations to come. Of course, the smaller fish will be enjoyed for a lakeshore lunch or supper.

Where will i be?

You’ll be on the pristine waters of Aylmer Lake with Canadian Wildlife Adventures, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Your trip will begin at Yellowknife, and from there, you’ll go from your hotel to the dock at Air Tindi, where your luggage will be loaded and you’ll take your seat for the scenic flight.

Upon arrival you will be personally greeted, and shown to your cabin. After settling in, it’s up to the Lodge to meet your guide and participate in the safety meeting. Before you know it, your mouth-watering home cooked supper is being served.

After supper, you’re free to walk around near the Lodge, sit and enjoy talking with your group and other guests, or just to head back to your cabin to wind down and prepare for the following morning.


With your dreams coming true and all that fresh air, you’ll be wanting a great place to relax and reload for another day. This is where you will appreciate your accommodations.
With us, it’s about comfort, and our guests often comment about the quality of the accommodations for such a remote location.
We’re quite sure that you’ll appreciate the charm of your cabin. It offers comfortable bunks for a good night’s sleep, table and chairs for recounting the adventures of the day or playing games, and in-cabin controlled heating for your personal comfort.

Satellite Wi-Fi is available in your cabin and in the main Lodge, along with hot showers and complimentary laundry.

nwt fishing lodges

The daily happenings

Breakfast will be served at 8am, with boats leaving by 9am. We will have two people per boat. The mid-day meal will be either bagged or shore lunches, and you’ll be returning at 6:00pm. This leaves you an hour to wash up and prepare for another incredible evening meal.

On your final day, you pack up your gear and bring it to the Lodge before breakfast.

Supper will be served at 7:00pm. Then you can relax, fish from the shore, sit and socialize in the lodge, read a book from our library, or enjoy playing a game. Until mid-August, you’ll see the world-famous days without end as you experience 24 hours of daylight. And, come mid-August, you can expect to see Aurora Borealis take over the night skies with their dramatic dancing lights.

What you’ll need

We’ve taken the time to detail what you should bring, so you don’t have to worry about it. Here is a complete list of clothing and personal items and suggested fishing equipment:

•Waterproof boots and another set of footwear
•Pants, shirts and sweaters suitable for layering
•Pyjamas if you like
•Jacket that blocks wind and water
•Hat/neck gaiters/lightweight gloves
•Polarized glasses
•Sun screen
•Your fishing rod, reel and flies for fly fishing
•Personal care items including (razor and blades) and medications (shampoo, conditioner and insect repellant are supplied by us)

We have rods, reels, and tackle at the lodge for gear fisherman. Our tackle program is free – you just pay for what you lose or break. There is a washer and dryer at the lodge – so we can help you with laundry if you need it.

Because the float plane flights are managed by weight, it is critical you keep your belongings under 50 pounds. Items may be left behind if they are over the weight limit.

Tips from the Experts

LAKE TROUT – Lake trout prefer bigger spoons and
bigger crank baits. Daredevils and Len Thompsons in 2 to 3 ½ oz. are winners, as are Red Eyes, Doctor spoons, and Evil Eyes. When you’re fishing in deep waters, you can use the same spoons, and you’ll find that 3 oz. bucktail jigs with tipped plastic bodies excite the fish and bring ‘em on home
to you. For summer fishing, we’ve seen clients win big with 3 way rigs or vertical jig 30 lb. Spiderwire. This is true especially for jigging. For a great rod, find yourself a is a long-handled 6’-7’ medium-heavy.

ARCTIC GRAYLING – Nothing attracts these like shiny blades on small spinners like Mepps, Rooster tails, and Panther Martins in 0 or 00 sizes. ) Dry flies are the best and most consistent, and you spin fishermen can do the same with a small bobber and 4 lb. test. Shorten up your rod to 5-5.5”ultra-light.
For the varying weather you will most likely run into at some point, these tips might help you:
• Flashy metallic spoons and spinners
• Fluorescent colors with some black
• Bright colored lures
• Red, white and black combos (hairy mepps)
• blacks in shallow areas


FISHER’s DREAM – 5 Day Outing

2024 – $5,500.00 USD + 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST)


What’s included:


Float Plane Flight from yellowknife to our lodge










laundry service


use of lodge equipment / lures *

*Lost or broken equipment / lures are payable by angler.

What’s NOT included:


Commercial Flight/Travel to & From Yellowknife






Hotel Stay Before and After Your Trip


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there internet / Wifi Available?

While we pride ourselves on being super remote and in tune with nature we do have satellite internet available at our main lodge at Aylmer Lake. 

What do I need to bring?

It depends on your chosen adventure. We have provided lists for potential items that our other adventurers have been grateful to bring to make their trip that much more enjoyable. Please reference your chosen adventure page for more details. 

How do we get to the lodge?

Aylmer Lake Lodge is only accessible by private float plane. There are no roads - just remote wild Tundra terrain and vast lakes and waterways surrounding the area.