Typical Firestone river on the barrenlands

Hooked Up

Freestone rivers make up the majority of Aylmer Lake barrenlands, they are the flowing cold water rivers and creeks.  So named for all the rock and gravel that make up their riverbeds. As most fisherman know that rock and gravel are vital to lake trout.

Fly fishing the freestone rivers at Aylmer Lake is an amazing experience on the arctic barrenlands, Usually the fast flowing, cold, well-oxygenated rivers, have lots of active forms of life including insects and mice, meals for the fish that live in the lakes. Because of the rock and other flora that lines the freestone bed and banks, lake trout, arctic grayling and their insect prey have an array of places to hide. The currents, help the trout with their turbulence, and whirling nature constantly offer up a plethora of insect life for them.

But what thrives is the heartiest of the hearty. Fish that are used to having to survive, indeed it is in their DNA, thrive on the flies hatching. Stoneflies,  midges, and the prolific mayflys all call Aylmer Lake freestone rivers home.

When heading out to fly fish one of the un-named freestone rivers that are feeding or draining Aylmer Lake be ready with a myriad of those famous lake trout pattern flies. This will ensure successful days spent fighting and releasing feisty, hard fought lake trout and arctic grayling on the freestone rivers.  Streamers including the biggest names, like the bunny, dry flies like mice and parachute patterns, as well as hair wings, all were made for the barrenland freestone rivers. On our freestone un-named rivers or creeks, your fly selections don’t need to be as specific and as precise as down south. The arctic barrenlands freestone lake trout and arctic grayling are more accustomed to being very opportunistic when feeding and exhibit way less judgmental inspection of your flies.  Bigger, bushier, and high-floating dry flies and mice are very common on the arctic freestones rivers, allowing you to keep better visual contact with your dry flies as they float through the more turbulent water conditions. As a rule there is very little need to get super technical with your fly selections on the freestone rivers that feed in and out of Aylmer lake or Clinton Colden lake.

Typical Freestone River On The Barrenlands At Aylmer Lake Lodge