Hello from the Tundra

It’s been an amazing week as we have been treated to Arctic Tundra wolves spending time within viewing distance from the lodge. Now how cool is that! Weather is still up and down blustery with wind but warm. Great fishing, Arctic Tundra wolves, and a huge bull muskox walking on the Tundra as we fished.

I was busy with FB live recording the wolves, got some great distant pictures of the muskox and is adamant that he is getting a camera that will get him the pictures he wants to share with people. Get ready to count the hairs on the animals…lol.

We never get tired of the float planes coming and going, it’s an adventure every time they show up, like Alice through the looking glass. We are amazed every time a plane lands and takes off from our dock. So few people ever experience a float plane ride.

We have rabbits and birds walk along the deck and peek in the sliding glass patio doors. They are all as curious as we are. By August they realize we are zero threat to them so they allow us closer, watch us in full view more, now how cool is that. Last night we watched the Arctic Hares standing up on their hind feet balancing their bodies facing the sun, sunning themselves right out on the huge rocks that give back thermal heat in the evening. We had no idea they did that, but hey nothing feels better than sun heat.