Morning, it’s a taste of fall colours this morning, just subtle hints of the coming fall. Up here on the Barren Lands north of the 64th Parallel we see the accelerated passing of summer. What takes weeks to grow down south takes days here. The berries are in full production and as always we are excited for the blueberry pancakes that will be hitting the table for breakfast. 

We are having a mix up of weather this summer and it has been successfully moving the bait around to produce some really great opportunity on the water. We have had only one rainy, blustery day this season so far where we headed back into the lodge early and it turned into a great party at the lodge. 

I can’t say enough about the team we have at the lodge, these are people whose passion is working to create great times for our clients. We rolled in wet and cold and the lodge team had homemade soup on the table in 20 minutes, they had the board games out, the heater in the lodge running full bore, showers ready to roll, and the cabin heaters on for the clients to step into warm cabins change and head in for soup to warm up. The staff then asked for any laundry needing to be washed and dried and ready for the next days fishing. 

The windows in the lodge face three directions and that thunder and lighting storm was spectacular.  The winds moved that storm in and out in less than 24 hours. The team were impressed with the light show one of the best we had seen coming off a full blood moon and the eclipse. 

The wave action stirred up the bait and pushed it along the shore lines. We tracked that wind and the next day we hammered the fish. We landed a couple of 50 pounders and a few in the high 40’s a great day on the water. All the wildlife had hunkered down through the storm so we were treated to lots of sightings because they were up and moving. 

There are no bad days in the Arctic there are just days of different opportunities to see,  experience and fish in this beautiful untapped resource.